Monday, July 12, 2010

Open your office and let the sun shine in!

The trends latley for offices have been to open them up and reduce the size of a standard cube this allows for open communication and a less maze/dilbert looking office.

A few years back 8'x 8' was a standard sized cube, with the development and lower cost of the flat screen monitors, cube sizes have shunken. The big corner worksurfaces are not nessessary to hold up a big monitor and now 6x6 seems to be a standard sizes for most open offices...!

Roseville Sacramento Office Furniture cubicles

Also cubicals used to be 62"-72" tall something called standing privacy. Trends latley are to reduce the cube wall height and create a more open interactive enviroment.

In most cases you have all the systems panel onsite to do a standard reconfigure and give your emplyees what they want: a view and better communications with thier co-workers! Call creative commercial interiors for a free consultation to see what we can do to help your Roseville Sacramento Office Furniture become more user friendly and more productive. A happy worker works harder for you!

-Jason CCI owner
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