Thursday, July 29, 2010

Create Office Space Collaboration Areas

A trend in Roseville Sacramento office furniture that I have seen over past few years is to create comfortable seating areas for people to meet and share ideas. Creating a cafe lounge feel in your office environment is key to startups and well established businesses that need fresh ideas to keep their businesses going strong!

Tip: Try moving 5-6 lounge pieces, some small tables, plants, and a white board to write ideas all into an open area or an unused corner of your office.

Tip: Invite your staff to use the space as a new area for light conferencing.

I sell a line of lounge chairs called BIX that had large walls built into them...the only hiccup with making these places with to much privacy is adding to company romances! Good or bad, you're creating a fun place to work even with the added maturity leave!

Roseville Sacramento Lounge Furniture

Bix Office Lounge Furniture

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