Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Your back loves you!

Buying an expensive office task chair with all the bells and whistles can be daunting! So many brands and models out there...keep in mind that you can't put a price on your back, when it comes to comfort and function with a great chair!

Your upper legs should be almost at a right angle with calves when sitting at a proper height, arms and elbows should be the same and feet always flat on the floor. you should not having to reaching out to type on a keyboard. If your shoulders, neck or back start to tighten up after just a few hours of work something is not adjusted correctly! An adjustable keyboard tray is also very important for proper wrist angle and multiple typing angle options.. so you don't get any injuries from long days on the computer. When you feel the neck, lower back or wrists start to ache....TAKE A BREAK!

Roseville Sacrament Ergonomic Office Furniture Chairs

see www.humanscale.com and www.ccinteriors-us.com for office seating and ergo products...some of the best chairs on the market today!!

-Jason Grannucci, Owner
Creative Commercial Interiors
www.ccinteriors.com Roseville Sacramento Office Furniture
1525 Woodhaven Cir. Roseville, CA 95747
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