Friday, May 21, 2010

Purchasing from Large Office Product Stores

Be careful when purchasing from the large walk-in "department stores" for office furniture, most of the hired help has no idea about the majority of office furniture products they are selling. In fact you might return to find your young sales person has gone back to round table pizza to run the salad bar!

Always: ask for information about office furniture discounts/closeouts, warranty and if assembly is included. In most cases the department stores won't assemble without extra costs! Always check on how many office furniture units are available and any hidden fees for transfers from store to store.

Roseville Sacramento Office Furniture

Keep in mind that most of the big stores by thousands of one style of office chair in one fabric color and when that chair sells out they order another chair, usally not the same make or model, you might want to rethink this if you just buy a few at a time!

Lastly: leather....make sure its beef leather! You'd be suprised what you'll find out there!

And as always: don't stress it just office furniture! Come see me for any Roseville Sacramento office furniture questions you might have, even if it is about something you bought at a department store!

-Jason Grannucci, Owner
Creative Commercial Interiors
1525 Woodhaven Cir. Roseville, CA 95747

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