Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Helpful Tips For Buying Used Office Furniture:

Don't ever buy office furniture from someone you don't know or does not has a good rating on BBB. A lot can happen from the days, months, or years that follow when an office of used furntiture is purchased and photos were takin. In most cases the cubicals, private offices, seating and filing have been handled several times afterwards, moved into a warehouse for storage, and are usually not in the same condition they once were! SO always view the inventory with your own eyes before purchasing... if the furniture is far away and the deal is of a significant sum have that dealer/broker fly you out at thier expense to see it. In the case of my office furniture inventory, I'm a nice guy and will always make sure you know what your getting right up front... and buy you drinks after!

Roseville Sacramento Office Furniture

Also a lot of dealers post office furniture products on Craig's List and claim they are "used" when in fact they are new and can be purchased at anytime and in any quantity, make sure to always ask for the manufacter product names. Then do a little internet searching to see if there is more of this same product available.... then call me and I will save you some money on it!

-Jason Grannucci, Owner
Creative Commercial Interiors
1525 Woodhaven Cir. Roseville, CA 95747


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